Wednesday, February 13, 2013

it is annoying

it is kind of annoying... how long does it since i last visited the dashboard.. i am gonna start writing is the new year, 2013, and you know what a lot has been going on since the past 2 years i got back home Malaysia. and now, i have these doubts in mind to obtain another country's citizenship. dunno why? i am thinking america, but that's a long term plan and i am going to make sure that plan will be achieved. why? i want to be an american for god sake! such a douche. oh, i am confused again, but anyway, one thing for sure, i am not gonna work in or stay here for the rest of my here for sometimes, get my CA qualification...find a new job with high payment, and settle down somewhere peaceful and that somewhere gonna help me find myself to devote as a Muslim...I dont think i am gonna be that much of a Muslim if i stay here forever....okay, this has gone out of topic. anyway, ACCA is to be finished before i reached ehm ehm...hahahaha...

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