Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello guys...its been long since my last post...hahahahahaha, theres no way i want to update...kikik..okay tonight i've some big news to mother is 64 this year while dad just celebrated his 69th birthday on jan 19th hari tu..hahahahaha...i know its okay to use "rojak" now....hahahahaha....

malas gila la nak update ....4 months i think or longer? winter just started and its not that here since last two or three weeks...the temperature hardly down below 0 degree celcius and im happy for that, even london is colder than here..unfortunately, this monday, predicted by my lovely weatherbug, gonna be snowing here in ames..and the cold will bite us again!!

huh, rindunya saya pada Malaysia...takde sapa ke yang nak datang melawat saya kat sini?
my life now full with misery...even my heart is not in its place...ceewaaaahhh...jiwang plak..
okay lah..thats for the picture, me,kak yati,kak im and najlaa...