Wednesday, February 13, 2013

it is annoying

it is kind of annoying... how long does it since i last visited the dashboard.. i am gonna start writing is the new year, 2013, and you know what a lot has been going on since the past 2 years i got back home Malaysia. and now, i have these doubts in mind to obtain another country's citizenship. dunno why? i am thinking america, but that's a long term plan and i am going to make sure that plan will be achieved. why? i want to be an american for god sake! such a douche. oh, i am confused again, but anyway, one thing for sure, i am not gonna work in or stay here for the rest of my here for sometimes, get my CA qualification...find a new job with high payment, and settle down somewhere peaceful and that somewhere gonna help me find myself to devote as a Muslim...I dont think i am gonna be that much of a Muslim if i stay here forever....okay, this has gone out of topic. anyway, ACCA is to be finished before i reached ehm ehm...hahahaha...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

this time i really am fucked!

hello guys...
man, its been like forever since i updated this blog..anyway, just go with the flow aint it?
right now, not so many people have been frequently updating their blog...haahahaha
okay guyd, bye!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Fucked

Hi there peeps,

Nobody follows my blog i guess....yeah, nobody likes me, i always be the one to hate...sorry for this post...just releasing my stress...its not because of the exams which coming up but i really am fucked up with having friends....i always lose friends and i think i'm not the one that anyone like to stick know what, fuck all this and i wanted to go to sleep...don't care what will happen the next because im not a future psychic....darn, why am i so tense with all these......usually i really cool with it....getting fed up adelah...biarlah....satu pergi satu datang(in my case, may be not)....hahahahahaha..jangan salahkan orang len, kau sendiri yang perangai macam ape je...ko ni pelik betullah...dah orang tak suke buat tak tau je lah...